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On account of their monologue at the end of the fresh cartoon collection, it’s not knowing just what Kiyotaka thinks about its relationships

On account of their monologue at the end of the fresh cartoon collection, it’s not knowing just what Kiyotaka thinks about its relationships

Its first interactions on it Kiyotaka trying to get Ken to participate Suzune’s data classification, but he initially became it down. Kiyotaka later on watched Ken as he was facing Kakeru along with his boys ahead of Honami broke it. Then avoided Ken regarding escalating the brawl further before inviting your once again to your study classification, even in the event Suzune needed to persuade him further to participate

Which was an enormous step for Yosuke since the other than Kei, as well as their fake dating, he handled everyone similarly rather than named anyone by the its very first title because the experience during the middle school

In the event the whole group enacted the exam, Ken is the only one just who don’t get a dying levels and you will is at threat of becoming expelled, however, Kiyotaka came to his assistance in addition to Suzune of the compromising 50,100000 points for each to prevent they. Later, good celebratory party is actually tossed on Kiyotaka’s place where Ken and you may their loved ones sit in. Whenever Kikyo hinted that Kiyotaka aided Ken out, anyone stopped their situations and you can looked to see if it was real but the guy passed a full borrowing in order to Suzune.

Whenever Ken was accused regarding attacking youngsters out-of C-Class, Kiyotaka made a decision to assist in preventing Ken’s expulsion by the enlisting the assistance of others, also Honami and you will Airi exactly who both assisted gather proof.

Into the Occurrence 5, they are one of the few people exactly who met with the Pupil Council to assist prove Ken’s innocence regarding the attacking experience.

When C-Class withdrew its criticism facing Ken, the guy joyfully informed Kiyotaka for the development. Once again, Kiyotaka hid their involvement along the way because of the congratulating Ken and you may offering Suzune the financing, leaving Ken to ponder in the event the Suzune extremely did assist. single per incontri battisti Adopting the brief occasion, Ken remaining to possess habit just like the Kiyotaka seemed for the.

Regarding light books, he’s proven to be to your an effective words and appear so you’re able to feel best friends but it’s unknown if the the guy it’s sees him therefore. Much later, Ken was astonished to see a few of Kiyotaka’s correct talents on the sporting events event and you will is actually disong girls.

Instead of Kanji and you can Haruki, who’re envious and become an enthusiastic inferiority cutting-edge in order to Kiyotaka, Ken nonetheless hangs around your despite their the dominance.

Yosuke Hirata

They earliest satisfied when D-Class brought on their own and you will Kiyotaka instantaneously suspected Hirata might possibly be common. Hirata together with praised him in making an attempt within his introduction.

They don’t securely interact before cruise, where Yosuke tried to score Kiyotaka being a mediator for the delivering Suzune Horikita to find toward best terms and conditions on category.

During the endurance test, he and you can Yosuke would work with her inside installing go camping. When Kei’s undies is actually taken, Yosuke seemed the fresh males to them and you will Kiyotaka think he might end up being trapped since Yosuke discovered her or him on your (immediately after Kanji placed him or her into the your). not, Yosuke secure to possess him much to help you Kiyotaka’s treat. Kiyotaka asked as to why given that Yosuke found he know one to Kiyotaka won’t perform nothing. So it required he trusts your to a degree, despite rarely understanding him.

Following endurance try, it is showed that Kiyotaka cannot acknowledge Yosuke because an ally, but quite simply a good pawn in assisting your winnings.

About light novels, Kiyotaka does not completely believe Yosuke even after reading the fresh new shock from the his buddy’s suicide one contributed him to be a failed student and you can get into group D. Kiyotaka suspects so it is not the genuine reason and cannot tell if they are lying or perhaps not.

Inturn, Yosuke appeared to keeps stuck onto Kiyotaka’s involvement inside their class’ achievement. In the regularity eleven, when Yosuke got disheartened given that he considered inadequate to own not able to conserve Yamauchi, Kiyotaka decided to go to request Yosuke. Yosuke up coming ultimately knowledgeable section of Kiyotaka’s real nature: high-pressure, cool. Regardless of if Kiyotaka is playing with awful words to talk Yosuke, the feeling that has been bottled upwards inside him hurried out together with his rips. Then thanked Kiyotaka. Then, during the volume eleven.5, Yosuke went and you may look for help from Kiyotaka regarding it relationships and you will like, just after solving that situation, Yosuke expected if the he could telephone call Kiyotaka from the 1st name, and undoubtedly, Kiyotaka decided. It indicates one Yosuke enjoys probably moved on from one event. Hirata enjoys loads of value and you can trust put-on Kiyotaka, and you will create safeguard your if your situation actually ever pops up including if category guessed him off cheat to track down full scratching towards the Math attempt.

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