laundry Lockers
laundry Lockers

Drop and Go Laundry Lockers 2


  • Control kiosk
  • Metal keypad
  • Industrial computer
  • Industrial touch screen
  • Console can control up to 300 doors
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Material: cold rolled steel – then powder coated
  • Metal thickness: main frame material thickness is 1.2mm, door panel is 1.0mm.
  • Metal thickness: ribs to reinforce the structure, they are 1.5mm and 2.0mm thickness.


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Other Options

. Coin acceptor/ Banknote acceptor/Card reader
. OEM LOGO or LED light box
. Magnetic, smart or IC card reader
. Barcode scanner
. Card printer
. Card dispenser
. Wireless modems
. Wifi
. Receipt printer
. Open door alarm system


1. Choose “drop off clothes”

2. Insert your mobile phone number

3. Please confirm mobile phone number

4. They would see a disclaimer page about lost or damaged laundry etc. also Instructions about not overloading lockers as additional charges may be incurred if they do or damage the locker.

5. They agree, they may request a SMS receipt.

6. Choose the door size and the price will be shown on the screen.

7. Make payment by tapping their card

8. The door opens. They drop off clothes and close the door.

9. If they need to open another door, repeat above steps.

10. When the laundry is ready for pickup the customer receives a SMS with a code and message about picking up their laundry promptly otherwise additional daily charges are incurred. If they have overloaded or damaged the locker they are warned there is an additional charge payable before the lockers can be accessed. (If they place two orders, they will receive two codes)

11. When they have complied with the instructions they enter their locker and code and the doors pop open then close.