Food Vending Lockers


  • Control kiosk
  • Metal keypad
  • Industrial computer
  • Industrial 15” LCD touch screen
  • Console can control up to 300 doors
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Shatter-resistant 10mm clear acrylic door window
  • Material: cold rolled steel – then powder coated
  • Metal thickness: frame thickness is 1.2mm, door panel is 1.0mm.
  • Metal thickness: Reinforced structure, 1.5mm and 2.0mm thickness.

Category :

. Coin acceptor/ Banknote acceptor/Card reader

. OEM LOGO or LED light box

.Magnetic, smart or IC card reader

. Barcode scanner

. Card printer

. Card dispenser

. Wireless modems

. Wifi

. Receipt printer

. Open door alarm system


Fresh Foods
Egg; Fruit; Vagetable; Fresh Milk;


Coffee; Tea; Water; Soft Drinks; Sport & Energy Drinks;
Chips; Cookies; Crackers; Popcorn; Nuts;
Bars; Gum; Gummy Candy; Food & Beverage Gifts;
Cereal; Bars; Oatmeal; Toaster Pastries; Granola;
Packaged Meals; Baking Goods; Pasta; Soup; Spices & Herbs;
Formula; Cereal; Pouches; Snacks; Organic Foods;


Mixed Packs; BBQ Best Bets; William Hill Estate Winery; Red; White; Sparkling; Rose;


Vitamins; Weight Loss; Herbal Supplements; Sports Nutrition; Digestion; Heart Health; Bones & Joints; Immune Health;


Consumer Electronics
Digital SLRs; Mirrorless Cameras; Lenses; Drones; Sports & Action Cameras; Security Cameras; Camera Cases; Camcordor Cases; Lens Cases; Tripod & Monopod Cases; Filter Cases; Binocular Cases; Telescope Cases; Projector Cases; Camera; Camcorder & Binocular Straps;


Cell Phones & Accessories
Cell Phones; Cell Phone Cases; Screen Protectors; Batteries; Chargers; Portable Power Banks; Bluetooth Headsets; Bluetooth Speakers; iPhone Accessories; Smart Watches; Tripod Legs; Tabletop & Travel Tripods;


Computer Parts
LCD Monitor; Portable External Hard Drives; Internal Hard Drives; Solid-State Drives; USB Flash Drives; Flash Memory Cards; Wireless Mobile Storage; Wireless Headphones; Wireless Speakers; Amplified Speakers; Keyboards; Mouses; Wireless Rechargeable Bluetooth Pro Game Pad Joystick Controller;


Face/Skin Care; Cleansers; Toners; Moisturizing Lotion; Cream; Facial Mask; Hand Soaps; Nail Treatments; Paraffin Baths; Makeu; Cosmetics; Haircare; Bath & Body care; Fragrance; Tools & Brushes; Luxury Beauty; Men’s Electronc Shavers; Razors & Blades; Beard & Mustache Care; After Shaves; Waxing; Depilatories; Oral Care; Cologne;


Toys, Kids&Baby Gifts


Automotive&Industrial Parts
Tires; Wheels; Portable Power; Oils; Coolants; Fluids; Car Care;

Street / Hospital / College / Airport / Station / Automated Refrigerated Vending Lockers with Different Size Doors operate 24hrs/7days, allow you purchase any time.

The WINNSEN 24 Hours Vending Lockers can be customized to different door size, different door quantity and different colors to install nearly all public places.

  • Airport, Subway Station, Train Station, Bus Station
  • Amusement Park, Water Park
  • Theater, Gym, Museum, Concert
  • Hotel Lobby, Retail Store Avenue
  • Hospital, Bank, Business Building, Financial Service Office
  • University, Library, Tourism, Exhibition and many other public areas.