Refrigerated Lockers


System Features:
  • No payment required at locker terminal to save your cost – payments made on web site when booking delivery or dispatch
  • Energy-efficient due to individual unit control
  • APIs provided for easy integration
  • Software designed for high availability and redundancy


Access Terminal
  • 15 inch touch screen, customized UI
  • Multi-languages
  • Industrial Host
  • RFID Card Reader
  • 1D/2D Barcode Scanner
  • Secure communications with locker network using LAN/3G/4G
  • Temperature control/ alerts
  • Overall Size: 400W x 485D x 1917H mm


12 Door Extension Locker
  • Dynamic cooling system
  • Rugged / Vandal Proof stainless steel construction
  • Insulated polyurethane core
  • Self-closing door function
  • Compartment Size: 512W x 450D x 262H mm
  • Overall Size: 1208W x 555D x 1944H mm