Slot Bike Rack


Galvanized or Powder Coated Steel/Aluminum Alloy
Fixed on ground or mounted in the ground
Adjustable bike parking height

  • Houses or Villas
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Streets, Roads etc.

Our slot bike rack is a durable single-slot bike rack, which can be fixed on the ground or mount in the ground, available in Galvanized Steel/Aluminium Alloy or Powder Coated Black. Its structure can make the bike park at desired height.
They can be installed on the steets or road pavements, laid on in single or double sides, and fixed on the ground via anchoring holes.


Materials: Galvanized or Powder Coated Black Steel/Aluminum Alloy

Performance: durable and sturdy, easy to install. Different bike parking height.

Application: Bicycle Racks applied on streets and roads, workplaces, houses, etc.