Refrigerated Lockers

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Ozlockers smart refrigerated lockers can be used to keep grocery or other temperature-sensitive items within a specified chilled temperature range. Customers simply order online and select locker location for delivery, a SMS message will be sent to the customer with locker access PIN code once goods are ready for collection. These smart refrigerated lockers allow customers to pick up their grocery’s 24/7 at their leisure. Grocery shopping has never been more convenient! One access terminal can control more than one extension locker, also can control both refrigerated locker and non-refrigerated locker, flexible add-on or remove lockers. We provide 24/7 phone and email support and also mobile service technicians to make sure your lockers are operational at all times. We are ready to provide the right solution for you. Email us now

System Features:

. No payment required at locker terminal to save your cost –         payments made on web site when booking delivery or dispatch

. Energy-efficient due to individual unit control

. APIs provided for easy integration

. Software designed for high availability and redundancy


Access Terminal

. 15 inch touch screen, customized UI

. Multi-languages

. Industrial Host

. RFID Card Reader

. 1D/2D Barcode Scanner

. Secure communications with locker network using LAN/3G/4G

. Temperature control/ alerts

. Overall Size: 400W x 485D x 1917H mm


12 Door Extension Locker

. Dynamic cooling system

. Rugged / Vandal Proof stainless steel construction

. Insulated polyurethane core

. Self-closing door function

. Compartment Size: 512W x 450D x 262H mm

. Overall Size: 1208W x 555D x 1944H mm