With Japanese Advanced Technologies, the most complete and trusted bike racks on the market.

OZLOCKERS offer all kinds of two tier bike racks, single decker bike racks and custom bike racks can be produced, installed and maintained as per your requests for space, materials, applications.


We provide all the technical supports related our bike rack products once you purchase our products. If you have any doubt for our bike racks, please feel free to contact us: sales@ozlockers.com.au

Brilliant ideas for bicycle parking

  • Public Carpark
  • University
  • Public Area
  • School
  • Bus Terminal
  • Train Station
  • Park
  • Stadium

and more


The top rack of the bike parking unit, which is pioneering and user-friendly cycle parking product with excellent space saving bike storage, superb usability and high value.


OZLOCKERS’ Bike racks have the unique aspects of efficient space and cost saving, so the market demands for such product have been rapidly increased; especially in the areas of high population densities such as schools, offices, car parks, stations and shopping centres.

Simplified Vertical Press Bicycle Racks

Tradition Double Tier Bicycle Racks

Wall Mounted Bicycle Racks

Vertical Bicycle Racks

User-friendly bicycle parking product

Excellent space saving bike storage, superb usability and high value

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Bicycle Parking Solution

Double Decker Bicycle Rack

Single Decker Bicycle Racks

Double Sided Bike Racks

Smart Bicycle Rack with Lock

Anti-theift Double Decker Bicycle Rack

Single Sided Bicycle Racks

OZLOCKERS is a professional bike parking solution specialist that utilizes the advanced technologies and security systems in order to provide a flawless lockup for bikes.

  • Municipal Bike Racks
  • Commercial Bycycle Racks
  • Campus Bicycle Racks
  • Transit Bicycle Racks

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