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Heavy Duty Plastic lockers with Remote Locker Booking Portal

Remote Locker Booking Portal

Our smart Remote Booking System software can be seamlessly integrated with our digital smart weather-resistant locks, allowing luggage lockers and secure personal storage space to be rented for a set duration of time. This intuitive technology can be managed completely remotely, removing the need for manual code generation or key allocation. Not only does this platform ensure efficiency, it also retains the high security standards expected of our products as each locker code is automatically deleted and reset at the end of the allocated booking period. Meaning that access codes cannot be manipulated or reused.

How it works

Operating the RAS Booking System could not be simpler. Utilising our secure online portal, the end user is able to generate a timed access code for a designated storage locker whilst administrators have real-time visibility over bookings, scheduling and availability. At the locker or storage area, users scan the QR code with their phone which takes them to the Remote Locking booking portal where they can create a booking.

The portal will show the users the current available lockers, allowing them to pick the exact amount of time that they require access for. Once a time-slot is selected, the user simply inputs their basic payment information to the portal and completes the booking. When the booking is confirmed the user will receive two emails, one confirming the location of their locker, date and time of the booking and any applicable fee and a second email providing the unique pin number that will activate the lock.

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