While Aussie beach holidaymakers have always reported worrying concerns about having their wallet or other possessions stolen, only now we can offer public the peace of mind with these durable proven strength polyethylene plastic lockers combined with our hostile wet environment Yellowbox Smart Lock – App Operated. The customer would need to login/register on our website/app to book a locker with their payment details, select a locker location on the map, then you will be sent a pin-code to use a designated locker with unlimited free re-entries. You will be charged by the hour and also get text reminders of your hired time. These lockers can be installed in suitable location on Australian beaches, parks etc. and cope with the harsh hostile Australian environment. We can also program these locks – free to the public. We are ready to provide the right solution for you: sales@ozlockers.com.au

Heavy Duty Plastic Lockers

Huge Heavy Duty Plastic Range. All products Australian made.


Manufactured from Durable proven strength polyethylene, a process that is known for its durability and strength.


All of our lockers are meticulously designed by in-house engineers to assure a high quality, aesthetic and durable product.

Electronic Lockers

Ozlockers specialise in providing Electronic lockers to your venue at affordable costs – Our technology platform allows us to integrate with your venue systems, so you can monitor audits and locker usage at all times – optional; ERP, EAM, CRM, Smartcard and POS. With our large easy to read industrial simple to use full colour touch screen monitor, with optional Multi-lingual operation, this system is the ultimate when it comes to user friendly.

We provide 24/7 phone and email support and also mobile service technicians to make sure your lockers are operational at all times. We are ready to provide the right solution for you: sales@ozlockers.com.au

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Beach Locker Sheds

These beach locker sheds need no power so they can be set up anywhere on the beach, the roller door operates on a timer and will open in the morning and close at night to house the lockers.

Concrete plinth with Marine Cement, Galvanised steel
frame, recess roller door


• Solar power for the automatic roller door
• Mechanism
• Timer
• Motor
• External Light.


• Sealed motorized shutter mechanism
• Recessed into the plinth
• Curtain weight
• Springs
• Wind-locks safety beam sensors.


The siren will operate when the roller door is closing.


• External Light.
• Manual Door operation
• UPS backup
• Surveillance Camera

ABS Plastic Beach Lockers

If you want to charge clients for the use of the locker, they can pay $1 (for example, this can be set to any amount but has to be the same size coin and to a maximum of three coins in total, i.e. 3x $1 coins or 3 x $2 coins, 2 x?$1 coins, 2 x $2 coins, 1 x $1 coin and so on) to hire the locker. This releases the key (until a coin is inserted the key is held by the lock, stopping keys being removed and lost) & upon re-entry of the locker? the key is held again by the lock ready for the next user, each vertical row of lockers has one money box at the bottom of the tier to collect the revenue.


4tier dimensions are 350W x 460D x 450mmH


5tier dimensions are 350W x 460D x 340mmH

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