Digital Lockers at Affordable Costs

Ozlockers specialise in providing Electronic lockers to your venue at affordable costs – Our technology platform allows us to integrate with your venue systems, so you can monitor audits and locker usage at all times – optional; ERP, EAM, CRM, Smartcard and POS. With our large easy to read industrial simple to use full colour touch screen monitor, with optional Multi-lingual operation, this system is the ultimate when it comes to user friendly.

We provide 24/7 phone and email support and also mobile service technicians to make sure your lockers are operational
at all times. We are ready to provide the right solution for you:


WIFI, Card printer, Control kiosk, Metal keypad, Receipt printer, Card dispenser, Barcode scanner, Wireless modems, Industrial computer, Open – door alarm system, OEM LOGO or LED light box, Magnetic, smart or IC card reader, Industrial 15” LCD touch Screen, Console can control up to 300 doors, Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) Coin acceptor/Banknote acceptor/Card reader, Light in every locker door – when opened.

Material: cold rolled steel – then powder coated, Metal thickness: frame thickness 1.2mm, door panel is 1.0mm, Metal thickness: Reinforced structure, 1.5mm and 2.0mm thickness. Optional: Manufactured in 306 Stainless steel then powder coated.

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  • Master keys (PIN code or RFID) for system administrators. Master keys
    allow opening of any locker or group
    of lockers.
  • Pushbutton for emergency opening
    all, to particular device, connected
    lockers are integrated on the locker
  • Remote opening of any locker from
    PC workstation (just with our Software).
  • Alarm in case of locker brake-in.
  • Electronic lock
  • Locker controller
  • Display RFID/keypad/Combo
  • Network controller NET or Network
  • controller TCP/IP
  • Desktop POS reader
  • ELS and POS
  • software (optional)

Different versions are available for
different applications:

  • Display keyboard
  • Display RFID
  • Display combo

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