OZLOCKERS is not just for Gym

Our smart high-tech locking system offers the ability to use your lockers for long and short-term use. The system is configured to be self or pre-assigned, by an administrator or the system and opened by a 4-digit PIN, with a phone, RFID card, fob and even your smart watch. These electronic locks offer a touch-less experience when using our lockers (versus a battery-operated lock). Combine this with smart integration to your access management system, for a secure and seamless user experience for gym members and patrons. Our smart locking technology is reliable, secure, and user-friendly. It allows you to feel that you — and the things you need daily — are safe, secure and are cared for.

Lockers Solutions for Facility Management

The Electronic Locking Solution (ELS) system is for locking / unlocking lockers with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) media, PIN code or a fingerprint (optional), with the possibility of paying for locker usage. Various combinations are possible, depending on the hardware.

The Electronic Locking Solution ELS can be used to electronically control lockers and improve service & facility management. Lockers could be used for storage of sport, work & personal belongings at pools, sports halls, SPA, fitness and wellness facilities, schools and colleges, offices, factories and more.


Most common RFID media is in a shape of a card, but may be also in form of tag, wristband or watch. The Electronic Locking Solution ELS system is open, meaning that the existing access control cards and other RFID media such as ‘loyalty cards’ can be used as locker keys.

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  • Master keys (PIN code or RFID) for system administrators. Master keys
    allow opening of any locker or group
    of lockers.
  • Pushbutton for emergency opening
    all, to particular device, connected
    lockers are integrated on the locker
  • Remote opening of any locker from
    PC workstation (just with our Software).
  • Alarm in case of locker brake-in.
  • Electronic lock
  • Locker controller
  • Display RFID/keypad/Combo
  • Network controller NET or Network
  • controller TCP/IP
  • Desktop POS reader
  • ELS and POS
  • software (optional)

Different versions are available for
different applications:

  • Display keyboard
  • Display RFID
  • Display combo

Our Range of Lockers

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Parcel Lockers

Laptop Lockers

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