Combi 4 Electronic Digital Key Pad Locks



The Combi 4 is the electronic numeric code lock with manually operated knob and integrated Real-Time-Clock, designed for indoor use

Your advantages

  • High-quality and stable zamac casing
  • Robust and fire-proof keypad made of stainless stell
  • Modern design and non-slip knob
  • Integrated LED locking indicator
  • Customisable programming options
  • Individual time setting options for automatic opening and locking Performance package



  • Permanently assigned PIN (private mode)
  • Freely selectable PIN (multi-user)


Fixed integrated functions

  • Battery warning
  • Locked mode


Optional functions

  • LED-locking status indicator
  • Automatic locking
  • Manual locking
  • Adjusting the code length
  • Code re-enter
  • Time-controlled opening and locking
  • Definition of the shutter duration

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