Colour Chart

Standard Colour Range


Lemon Yellow (Gloss)

Safety Yellow (Gloss)

Orange x15 (Gloss)

Signal Red (Gloss)

Flame Red (Gloss)

Blaze Blue (Gloss)

Pommel Blue(Gloss)

Navy (Gloss)

Dark Violet (Gloss)

Mistletoe (Gloss)


Oyster (Matt)

Anotec Silver Grey (Matt)

APO Grey (Satin)

Light Grey (Gloss)

Notre Dame (Gloss)

Ironstone (Satin)

Charcoal (Satin)

Black Satin (Satin)

Black Matt (Matt)

Doeskin (Satin)

Canola Cream (Gloss)

Magnolia (Gloss)

Rivergum Beige (Gloss)

Wedgewood (Satin)

Blue Ridge (Satin)

Surfmist (Satin)

White Birch (Gloss)

Off White (Satin)

White Satin (Satin)

Pearl White (Gloss)

Precious® (Pearlescent Finish)

Nickel Pearl (Matt)

Citi Pearl (Matt)

Silver Kinetic Pearl (Satin)

Gunmetal Kinetic Pearl (Satin)

Textura® (Fine Textured Finish)






Scylla® (Ripple Finish)

APO Grey (Gloss)

Notre Dame (Gloss)

Stone Beige (Gloss)

Black (Gloss)

Horizon White (Gloss)

Hammer® (Two-Tone Ripple Finish)

Blue (Gloss)

Grey (Gloss)

Aztec® (Two-Tone Ripple Finish)

Silver (Gloss)

Sarouk® (Ripple Finish)

Silver (Gloss)

Premium Colour Range

* The following colours are available at an additional charge
* Minimum quantity of 10 lockers.

Electro® (Shimmer Finish)

A unique anodised look, designed to subtly change in appearance as light conditions change.

Canary (Flat)

Fred (Flat)

Blueit (Matt)

Blue Gold (Flat)

Poyple (Flat)

Clear Coat (Matt)

Products using Clear Coat will show blemishes and marks from production processes which are fully visible. Variations in material and components are normal and form part of the overall effect. The product has visible weld marks, witness marks (fold and scratch marks from the manufacturing process) and may have traces of rust which is part of the industrial aesthetic and does not affect the quality of the material or its function. Each product will vary and have its own unique characteristics.


* Minimum quantities apply.

Clear Coat (Matt)

Sablé™ (Fine Textured Finish)

Sablé Core Ten mimics the textured, rustic and distinctive appearance of corten steel.

Core Ten

Please Note:
Some variations in colour may occur due to differences in screen resolution and therefore should be used as a guide only.

Special Purpose Powder Coat

Anti Graffiti

A durable powder coating that allows the simple and rapid removal of most forms of graffiti, reducing overall maintenance costs and ensuring the appearance of powder coated surfaces are maintained.

Surface damage caused by markers, spray paint and other forms of graffiti can be easily cleaned using common solvents without causing dullness or damage to the finished coating.


Download Anti Graffiti Brochure