Locker Mobile Bases
Locker Mobile Bases
Locker Mobile Bases

Locker Mobile Bases


A flexible solution for your school or workplace.


  • Australian Made Heavy Duty Locker Mobile Bases
  • 75mm industrial castors (2 braked, 2 unbraked)
  • Castor height = 110mm
  • 3mm x 40mm steel angle side and rear cross supports
  • Primed and powder coated finish
  • Available for our extensive range of lockers.

Please note: Back-to-back lockers only

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Product Code Dimensions (mm) Accomodates:
Locker Mobile Bases
MB-LC-610900 618W 920D 4 Lockers 305W x 450D (Back-to-Back)
MB-LC-915900 927W 920D 6 Lockers 305W x 450D (Back-to-Back)
MB-LC-762900 770W 920D 4 Lockers 381W x 450D (Back-to-Back)
MB-LC-11431100 1155W 920D 6 Lockers 381W x 450D (Back-to-Back)
MB-LC-900900 908W 920D 4 Lockers 450W x 450D (Back-to-Back)
MB-LC-990900 998W 920D 4 Lockers 495W x 450D (Back-to-Back)
MB-LC-6101100 618W 1120D 4 Lockers 305W x 550D (Back-to-Back)
MB-LC-9151100 927W 1120D 3 Lockers 305W x 550D (Back-to-Back)
MB-LC-7621100 770W 1120D 4 Lockers 381W x 550D (Back-to-Back)
MB-LC-11431100 1155W 1120D 6 Lockers 381W x 550D (Back-to-Back)
MB-LC-9001100 908W 1120D 4 Lockers 450W x 550D (Back-to-Back)
MB-LC-9901100 998W 1120D 4 Lockers 495W x 550D (Back-to-Back)