Locker Stands
Locker Stands

Locker Stands


  • Welded construction
  • 38mm square steel tube legs
  • 45mm steel angle side and rear cross supports
  • 25mm steel angle front cross support
  • Adjustable nylon feet with threaded 304 stainless steel stem
  • Single units or manufactured in continuous run modules
  • Minimum height 150mm (adjustable to 180mm)
  • Primed and powder coated – Black Texture
    (Other colours available upon request)

Product Code Dimensions (mm)
Locker Width: 300mm
STAND1530050 150H (Min) 300W 500D
STAND2530050 250H (Min) 300W 500D
STAND4030050 400H (Min) 300W 500D
Locker Width: 305mm
STAND1530545 150H (Min) 305W 450D
STAND2530545 250H (Min) 305W 450D
STAND4030545 400H (Min) 305W 450D
STAND1530555 150H (Min) 305W 550D
STAND2530555 250H (Min) 305W 550D
STAND4030555 400H (Min) 305W 550D
Locker Width: 381mm
STAND1538145 150H (Min) 381W 450D
STAND2538145 250H (Min) 381W 450D
STAND4038145 400H (Min) 381W 450D
STAND1538155 150H (Min) 381W 550D
STAND2538155 250H (Min) 381W 550D
STAND4038155 400H (Min) 381W 550D
Locker Width: 400mm
STAND1540050 150H (Min) 400W 500D
STAND2540050 250H (Min) 400W 500D
STAND4050050 400H (Min) 400W 500D
Locker Width: 450mm
STAND1545045 150H (Min) 450W 450D
STAND2545045 250H (Min) 450W 450D
STAND4045045 400H (Min) 450W 450D
STAND1545055 150H (Min) 450W 550D
STAND2545055 250H (Min) 450W 550D
STAND4045055 400H (Min) 450W 550D
Locker Width: 495mm
STAND1549545 150H (Min) 495W 450D
STAND2549545 250H (Min) 495W 450D
STAND4049545 400H (Min) 495W 450D
STAND1549555 150H (Min) 495W 550D
STAND2549555 250H (Min) 495W 550D
STAND4049555 400H (Min) 495W 550D

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