MiniK10HSC With Remote Management


The Minik10 hSC is the ultimate solution for users who are looking for remote management of lockers. The MiniK10 hSC model is purpose-designed for installations and applications where user access to cabinets or lockers needs to be limited or restricted for a set time limit. The validity time limits provide access for up to 10 levels that vary between 1-hour and 1-year or for an OTC (One-Time-Code) during a validity period. Access is granted to a User by the MiniK10 Lock administrator using the ‘free’ Hopinlock Basic hSC App and an Android NFC compatible device such as a smartphone or tablet. MiniK10 hSC Locks are initially registered with the Hopinlock hSC App device by lock number, location and description. Users are set in the App by Name, Mobile number, and email. The administrator can then select a registered lock and provide access for either a limited time period or a one-time code to a registered user.

The Hopinlock hSC App, is available exclusively from KeyWatch Systems Queensland who will set up your Hopinlock Access Account. When users are authorised with access, they are sent an encrypted and time-stamped 8-digit PIN via SMS. After entering the HSC PIN users may then enter their own 4-digit PIN to access the lock for the authorised specified time frame. At the expiry of the time period, the HSC PIN becomes invalid and the user can no longer gain access to the locker via the HSC PIN.

Programming Via Hopinlock:

Using the latest technology, the Minik10 HSC lock requires no connection to receive access codes generated in the Hopinlock HSC App.

Once a lock is paired to your device within the Hopinlock HSC App you now have the ability to communicate remotely without the need for any Wi-Fi or BT Connections.

Simply enrol your locks and enter your user’s information along with their mobile number and that’s it, you can now send users time-sensitive codes with limited validity from 1 minute, up to 1 year!


Features Of The MiniKHSC
  • Time Sensitive codes with limited validity
  • One time codes that delete after use
  • Easily control the access to your lockers remotely
  • Quick and easy retrofit installation in minutes, replacing conventional key operated cam locks
  • Suits timber or Steel doors
  • MiniK10HSC is unique from any other electronic lock using a 3V lithium battery with a life expectancy of up to 5 years
  • Can be surface-mounted or semi-flush mounted doubling as the doors pull handle
  • Features a 16mm diameter cylinder to retrofit the majority of key operated cam locks without any modification to door preparation.
  • HSC Model only available in Black and Vertical orientation.
  • Special discounts for Trade and OEM cabinet and locker makers

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