MiniK10m Digital Locker Lock With Mifare


KSQ’s MiniK10M digital Locker lock featuring card and PIN access.

The Mifare model holds all the same great features of the standard minik10, now with an integrated Mifare reader. It is the world’s smallest eco-friendly digital cam lock, with a battery life of up to 2 years! The Minik10 is suitable for new lock installations, using only two holes or retrofitting conventional key operated cam locks. The MiniK10 features a one-time user operation or permanent user code, Master Program and Supervisor Override codes and more.

These digital electronic locker locks suit all timber, plastic, and steel doors. They are perfect for cabinet locks at gyms, fitness, sports clubs, employee lockers, commercial and government office fit-outs, letter-boxes, and many more applications across Australia. They are available in black or white and horizontal models to suit both left and right-handed doors. Surface or Semi-flush mounting options. The MiniK10’s are the smallest digital electronic locker locks in the world with a 12 digit keypad and are the perfect solution for keyless and wireless electronic access to lockers, cabinets, and drawers.

Features Of The MiniK10m
  • Master program and override codes
  • Public share one-time use or permanent private use
  • User changeable code; no tools required
  • Programmable functions, such as disabling keypad beeps, etc.
  • Supervisor Code for management of digital electronic lockers without administrator rights
  • Quick and easy retrofit installation in minutes, replacing conventional key operated cam locks
  • Suits timber or steel doors
  • MiniK10m is unique from any other electronic lock using a 3V lithium battery with a life expectancy of up to 2 years
  • Can be surface-mounted or semi-flush mounted doubling as a door pull handle
  • Features a 16mm diameter cylinder to retrofit the majority of key operated cam locks without any modification to door preparation
  • Optional models include RFID Prox-Card+PIN Mifare Card compatibility and NFC technology
  • Available in Black or White, Vertical and LH or RH horizontal
  • Special discounts for Trade and OEM cabinet and locker makers

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