Open Two Tier Locker


The ideal storage solution when easy access is required.

Store a wide variety of items when easy access and visual identification is required.

Mix ‘n Match Open Lockers with Contemporary or Traditional lockers.


  • Australian Made from heavy gauge steel
  • Welded frame provides strength and stability
  • Hanging rail (excl. 940mm high lockers)
  • Side hook (excl. 940mm high lockers)
  • Powder coat finish

Locker Width: 305mm
LO2-093045 940H 305W 450D 391H 254W
LO2-153045 1524H 305W 450D 683H 254W
LO2-183045 1803H 305W 450D 822H 254W
LO2-193045 1980H 305W 450D 911H 254W
LO2-093055 940H 305W 550D 391H 254W
LO2-153055 1524H 305W 550D 683H 254W
LO2-183055 1803H 305W 550D 822H 254W
LO2-193055 1980H 305W 550D 911H 254W
Locker Width: 381mm
LO2-093845 940H 381W 450D 391H 330W
LO2-153845 1524H 381W 450D 683H 330W
LO2-183845 1803H 381W 450D 822H 330W
LO2-193845 1980H 381W 450D 911H 330W
LO2-093855 940H 381W 550D 391H 330W
LO2-153855 1524H 381W 550D 683H 330W
LO2-183855 1803H 381W 550D 822H 330W
LO2-193855 1980H 381W 550D 911H 330W
Locker Width: 450mm
LO2-094545 940H 450W 450D 391H 399W
LO2-154545 1524H 450W 450D 683H 399W
LO2-184545 1803H 450W 450D 822H 399W
LO2-194545 1980H 450W 450D 911H 399W
LO2-094555 940H 450W 550D 391H 399W
LO2-154555 1524H 450W 550D 683H 399W
LO2-184555 1803H 450W 550D 822H 399W
LO2-194555 1980H 450W 550D 911H 399W


Locker Options & Accessories