Traditional One Tier Locker


Davell’s most popular and versatile full length locker.
Featuring louvred door ventilation for that traditional look.
Large range of sizes customisable with your choice of colour and locking options.

Locker Features

  • Australian Made from heavy gauge steel
  • Environmentally friendly 100% recyclable steel
  • Welded frame provides strength and stability
  • Perimeter door surround, prevents door from being forced inwards
  • Full length internal door reinforcing for added strength
  • 180 degree opening door
  • Louvred door ventilation
  • Personal compartment (excl. 940mm high lockers)
  • 8mm galvanised steel hanging rail
  • Side hook
  • Powder coat finish
  • Lifetime Warranty



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Product Code Locker Dimensions (mm) Door Dimensions (mm)
Locker Width: 305mm
L1-312 *940H 305W 450D 835H 251W
L1-3.412 *1030H 305W 450D 924H 251W
L1-512 1524H 305W 450D 1421H 251W
L1-612 1803H 305W 450D 1700H 251W
L1-712 1980H 305W 450D 1877H 251W
L1-31255 *940H 305W 550D 835H 251W
L1-4.31255 *1030H 305W 550D 924H 325W
L1-51255 1524H 305W 550D 1421H 251W
L1-61255 1803H 305W 550D 1700H 251W
L1-71255 1980H 305W 550D 1877H 251W
Locker Width: 381mm
L1-315 *940H 381W 450D 835H 327W
L1-4.315 *1030H 381W 450D 924H 327W
L1-515 1524H 381W 450D 1421H 327W
L1-615 1803H 381W 450D 1700H 327W
L1-715 1980H 381W 450D 1877H 327W
L1-31555 *940H 381W 550D 835H 327W
L1-4.31555 *1030H 381W 550D 924H 327W
L1-51555 1524H 381W 550D 1421H 327W
L1-61555 1803H 381W 550D 1700H 327W
L1-71555 1980H 381W 550D 1877H 327W
Locker Width: 450mm
L1-318 *940H 450W 450D 835H 396W
L1-4.318 *1030H 450W 450D 924H 396W
L1-518 1524H 450W 450D 1421H 396W
L1-618 1803H 450W 450D 1700H 396W
L1-718 1980H 450W 450D 1877H 396W
L1-31855 *940H 450W 550D 835H 396W
L1-4.31855 *1030H 450W 550D 924H 396W
L1-51855 1524H 450W 550D 1421H 396W
L1-61855 1803H 450W 550D 1700H 396W
L1-71855 1980H 450W 550D 1877H 396W

All dimensions are nominal.
Specifications can change without notice.
Add 4mm to the width of each locker for rivet head clearance.
Custom sizes available upon request (minimum order quantities apply).


Locker Options & Accessories

Locker Dress Panels
Internal Lockable Compartment
Business Card Holders
Numbered Laminate Plaques
Numbered Laminate Key Tags
Locker Plinths
Locker Stands
Locker Stands with Seating

Colour Chart