Traditional Two Tier Locker


Popular and versatile locker.
Featuring louvred door ventilation for that traditional look.
Large range of sizes customisable with your choice of colour and locking options. 


  • Australian Made from heavy gauge steel
  • Welded frame and cross supports provide strength and stability
  • Perimeter door surround, prevents doors from being forced inwards
  • Full length internal door reinforcing for added strength
  • 180 degree opening doors
  • Louvred door ventilation
  • Hanging rail (excl. 940mm high lockers)
  • Side hook (excl. 940mm high lockers)
  • Powder coat finish



Single point locking including key operated, provision for padlock, coin operated, mechanical combination, digital combination or RFID locks.

Locker Width: 305mm
L2-312 940H 305W 450D 404H 251W
L2-512 1524H 305W 450D 696H 251W
L2-612 1803H 305W 450D 835H 251W
L2-712 1980H 305W 450D 924H 251W
L2-31255 940H 305W 550D 404H 251W
L2-51255 1524H 305W 550D 696H 251W
L2-61255 1803H 305W 550D 835H 251W
L2-71255 1980H 305W 550D 924H 251W
Locker Width: 381mm
L2-315 940H 381W 450D 404H 327W
L2-515 1524H 381W 450D 696H 327W
L2-615 1803H 381W 450D 835H 327W
L2-715 1980H 381W 450D 924H 327W
L2-31555 940H 381W 550D 404H 327W
L2-51555 1524H 381W 550D 696H 327W
L2-61555 1803H 381W 550D 835H 327W
L2-71555 1980H 381W 550D 924H 327W
Locker Width: 450mm
L2-318 940H 450W 450D 404H 396W
L2-518 1524H 450W 450D 696H 396W
L2-618 1803H 450W 450D 835H 396W
L2-718 1980H 450W 450D 924H 396W
L2-31855 940H 450W 550D 404H 396W
L2-51855 1524H 450W 550D 696H 396W
L2-61855 1803H 450W 550D 835H 396W
L2-71855 1980H 450W 550D 924H 396W

Locking Option

Locker Options & Accessories