Yellowbox Smart Lock


Yellowbox Smart Lock – App Operated

No more key or cards, wireless smart locker system.

An Australian built, mobile app based smart lock system designed around experience for both users and management. Users open their locker with a tap of a button in the app. Management has visibility over usage and the ability to unlock all lockers through an onsite management app.

Yellowbox provides a hassle free system without requiring any key or card management, hardwiring, network connectivity or mains power.

The Yellowbox system isn’t just a lock, it consists of three digital components, the user app, the on-site management app, and the optional web dashboard.

Yellowbox boasts 40+ features across their product suite, and their cloud based system means new features are being released regularly, ensuring your lockers never become obsolete.

Feature snapshot:

  • Open via mobile app or keypad.
  • Shared lockers, dedicated lockers or both.
  • Management app provides live visibility over usage.
  • Management app acts as a virtual masterkey.
  • Battery monitoring and low battery notifications.
  • 4 x AAA batteries – Estimated lifetime of 2 years.
  • Optional web dashboard with 10+ extra add-on features.

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