The Corona is the electronic RFID locking system with an attractive rotary knob for convenient and secure locking of lockers or valuables compartments. LEDs in the rotary knob indicate the locking status. Thanks to its variable adjustability, the Corona is particularly easy to retrofit into existing changing room landscapes.

The solid construction of the deadbolt and housing of the Corona provides unprecedented security: thanks to its Zamak components, the lock can easily withstand a force of at least 800 Newton. This quality contributes to the sense of security of your users.

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  • can be used in wooden and metal doors (indoor)
  • latch system – door locks when pushed
  • integrated LED locking indication
  • high-quality and stable workmanship (metal housing)
  • various programming options
  • can be integrated into existing transponder systems such as MIFARE® classic and Desfire as well as HITAG S/1
  • available as wireless networkable version with B-on-air

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