Horizontal Slide Two Tier Bike Racks


  • Maximize Bike Storage Capacity
  • Easy To Store And Retrieve Bikes
  • Galvanized or Powder Coated Aluminum Alloy

Applicable for all types of bikes like mountain bikes, road bikes, motorcycles, etc.

Horizontal sliding bike storage racks are our flagship bike parking products, which is an efficient method for storing bikes in less space in public safety facilities, crowded storage areas, universities/schools, shopping centers, bike shops, and many other types of public, private, or commercial businesses and facilities.

You can fit a large number of bikes in a tight space due to its staggered width. The bikes can be stored with only 240mm centre spacing. The staggered width means that such rack make the bikes park closer to each other than other typical racks. It’s very effective at tight-space places.

This Horizontal Sliding Two Tier Bike Rack can accommodate all types of bicycles, such as mountain bikes and road bikes, which can be chained onto the Two Tier Cycle Rack for added security, even heavy bikes can be stored safely and easily by the user. The bicycle is well supported by wheel slots and the front wheel is stabilized by a wheel pedal to fix the bicycle firmly into the top rack.


  • The bottom rack is fixed on the sliding block and slides on the rail, thus it can slide in horizontal direction.
  • A locating bolt hole is reserved on the sliding block, and the bike rack can be adjusted at 10°, 30° or 45°according to the site conditions.
  • In order to avoid handlebar hitting, reduce the frame spacing and stagger the adjacent frames back and forth or up and down, the minimum spacing between the racks should be 220mm,thus it can increase the parking capacity per unit area effectively.

Technical Parameters

Model ATG
Layout Front-load Front&rear-load
Min. spacing between adjacent racks (mm) 240 290
Standard outer diameter of bike wheel (in) 14~28
Width of handle (mm) Below 600
Height of bike (mm) Below 1,150
Length of bike (mm) Below 1,900
Width of tyre (mm) 32~48(net width of slot:55mm)
Weight of bike (kg) Below 35
Advantages 1.The angle of bike rack can be freely adjusted as per the site size.
2.Front wheel or front/rear wheel of bike can be first loaded or staggered as per the site conditions


Usage Guide