Aluminium Alloy Bike Rack


High Grade or Galvanized Aluminum Alloy
Fixed on ground via anchoring holes


  • Bike Shops
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Streets, Roads etc.

Our aluminium alloy bike rack is a traditional bicycle-parking system. It is made out of high grade thermally treated anodised or galvanized aluminium. The custom shape of the supports allows the locking of wheels of bikes with different width.  Each aluminium component can be thermally treated so it’s resistant against any weather condition.

They can be installed on the streets or road pavements, laid on in single or double sides, and fixed on the ground via anchoring holes.


Materials: high quality hard Aluminum Alloy
Performance: durable and sturdy, Easy to install
Application: Aluminum Alloy Bike Mount Cycle Bicycle Rack applied on streets, etc.