Gas Assisted Two Tier Bike Racks


  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Architects & Construction Companies
  • Transport Operators – Train/Bus /Air
  • Bike Stations
  • Residential Communities

Horizontal sliding two tier bike racks are our new space-saving bike racks used for realizing easier lifting and lowering of racks. The gas strut is built into the middle of the top rack during the production, which is like the boot of your car, so it’s used more easily. For the conveniences of use, the top rack is cantilevered and incorporates a piston to assist in raising and lowering bike. Additionally, the top rack is pulled downward to create a ramp for easy loading. This feature is particularly helpful when loading heavy bikes.

This rack is excellent for space saving because the center distance of bike racks are only 450mm. The racks can be installed against a wall or down onto a central spine. To ensure the desired width of bike path, they can be installed at 10, 30, 45 degree angle according to the site size. The minimum width of bike path is only 1700mm, which fits the narrow aisle very well. Ensure your space height is a minimum of 2.6m, that’s all you need.


This gas assisted lifting bike can store one bike directly above the other. It can double the amount of bicycles parked  or reduce the size of the site greatly. Built-in gas struts make the top racks very easy to lift.

This gas assisted bike parking system can be designed to fit your exact space. It can be used in conjunction with other parking systems to give the maximum storage capacity for your site.
It can be customized for specific sites.
Easy-to-use, safe and organized parking.

Technical Parameters

Length of bike rack: 2,000mm
Width of bike rack: between 400 and 500mm. 300mm are required at each end to give space for bike handlebars
Headroom: 2,600mm
Width required for rack mounting: The racks can be also installed from a central spine. Please leave 1,700mm-2,000mm for access on both sides. The 2-sided unit is 3,100m wide.
Mounting angle: 0, 30 or 45 degree