Manual Slide Two Tier Bike Racks


Main Features

1) Cooperating with Japanese advanced bike rack manufacturer.
2) Galvanized or powder coated aluminium alloy or steel components.
3) Durable, easy to use, even a little child can use it easily.
4) Semi automatic control with a button or ball on plastic handle.
5) Better than gas assisted two tier bike racks applied in Amercan and European countries.

Our double level bike racks are semi automatic two level bike racks with vertical lifting racks, top racks and bottom racks for horizontal sliding purpose, which have been widely applied in crowded areas near to workplaces, bus stops, universities or schools, roads or streets, etc. The bottom racks can be installed at different angles of 15, 30 or 45 degree as per the site conditions. Our two level bike racks have a higher parking capacity because the bottom rack can be used to park one or two bikes as per the installation angle.