O Shaped Bike Rack


Aluminum Alloy or galvanized/stainless steel
Galvanized or powder coating
Fixed on ground in vertical direction


  • Workplaces
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Streets, etc.

O shaped bike rack is a O-shape bike rack with a mounting rail to fix it on the ground.
It’s simple in structure, and only fixed on the ground. Steel or aluminium alloy material is available.
Its surface can be galvanized or powder coated.
These bike racks can be laid straightly at 0, 30 or 45 degree angle or circularly arranged side by side according to the site conditions.


•In order to ensure the width of bike path, adjust the bike racks at 0°,30°or 45°according to the site conditions.
•Modular construction can realize large-quantity mass production easily.
•The bike is easy to lock onto it.
•High quality alloy or steel material