Vertical Bike Rack


Made of Aluminum Alloy
Galvanized or powder coating available
Fixed on ground in vertical direction


  • Residential apartments
  • Recreation centres
  • Secondary schools, colleges and universities
  • Workplaces,etc

Our vertical bike rack is an aluminium alloy bike rack fixed on the ground in vertical direction. It can be installed at 0, 15, 30 or 45 degree on the ground to fit any space that you want. It’s a perfect solution for bike racks on streets, residential departments and workplaces, etc.
Surface finishes like galvanizing or powder coating available, rust-proof and durable.
Steel or other materials can be produced as per your requests.


1.Easily installed
2.Long lasting and durable
3.The vertical bike racks can be laid at 0°,30°or 45°according to the site size, thus the bike parking capacity can be increased.
4.Modular construction can realize large-quantity mass production easily.